Monday, December 15, 2008

`A Joy to Read'

J.F. Powers was among the finest American fiction writers of the last century and will always remain in jeopardy of a total eclipse of reputation. Any effort to commend his work is laudable. Christopher J. Scalia notes that "the purity of Powers's prose, his wonderful turns of phrase and observations, make the stories a joy to read." Read his entire piece at

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D. G. Myers said...


The NYRB Classics has all of Powers’s fiction in print. Last spring, at a low point in our lives, my colleague Bedford Clark and I compared notes and found to our astonishment that we were both reading Powers at exactly the same moment. I was rereading, with gratitude and joy, Morte D’Urban; Bedford, Wheat That Springeth Green. This may provide some small evidence that Powers will continue to be read by those who care for good writing—at least for a little while longer.