Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oliver Hardy R.I.P.

Oliver Hardy died 50 years ago today. No actors have given me so much pleasure as Hardy and his partner Stan Laurel. Last night I watched Big Business for the 2,000th time. The boys are door-to-door Christmas tree salesmen. When Jimmy Finlayson refuses to buy a tree, they destroy his house and he destroys their car. Finis. Jim Gilchrist has a fine appreciation of "Babe" at Scotsman.com.


Anonymous said...

Oliver Hardy came from Milledgeville, Georgia which was also home to Mary Flannery O'Connor.

Keats on reading:

On first looking into Chapman’s Homer

MUCH have I travell’d in the realms of gold,
And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;
Round many western islands have I been
Which bards in fealty to Apollo hold.
Oft of one wide expanse had I been told 5
That deep-brow’d Homer ruled as his demesne;
Yet did I never breathe its pure serene
Till I heard Chapman speak out loud and bold:
Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
When a new planet swims into his ken; 10
Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
He star’d at the Pacific—and all his men
Look’d at each other with a wild surmise—
Silent, upon a peak in Darien.

musewolfman said...

yes, indeed. he is greatly missed in our society. you don't get that kind of funny, anymore, you get Jackass. which is the dumbest, most unfunny stuff ever.