Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nothing Personal

Each day I receive dozens of spam e-mails in the form of comments to posts at Anecdotal Evidence. Some are written in languages and alphabets I cannot read. Few conform to any grammar I recognize. Many consist of nothing but URLs. Some hawk pharmaceuticals and pornography. Often they read like Language Poetry. Tuesday evening I was removing the accumulated trash and inadvertently deleted a number of recent legitimate comments. It was nothing personal and I regret the error.


The Sanity Inspector said...

Suggestion: Consider ditching Blogger's comment system, and install Intense Debate comments instead. It's more spam resistant, among its other advantages.

Cynthia Haven said...

I get these, too. I'm tempted to post some of them.

Like when they say, "You have a great site -- where do you get your info?" -- and the source of the "info" is clearly credited in the post.

Or one that keeps surfacing to reassure me, "You have a right to your own opinion, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise" -- as if I needed the reinforcement. In any case, this comment is often appended to posts where absolutely no opinion is expressed.

This spam stuff must work for whatever its intended purpose is -- otherwise it wouldn't be coming at me by the bucket-load everyday. But I wonder ... is anyone stupid enough to mistake these for real posts?

If so, I know someone who is the brother of the deposed King of Nigeria who wants to borrow $100 so he can send his inheritance to your bank account...