Sunday, October 17, 2010

`Much in Little'

What more appropriate way to celebrate the birth of Yvor Winters, born one-hundred ten years ago today, than to read one of his poems? Here is “Much in Little”:

“Amid the iris and the rose,
The honeysuckle and the bay,
The wild earth for a moment goes
In dust or weed another way.

Small though its corner be, the weed
Will yet intrude its creeping beard;
The harsh blade and the hairy seed
Recall the brutal earth we feared.

And if no water touch the dust
In some far corner, and one dare
To breathe upon it, one may trust
The spectre on the summer air:

“The risen dust alive with fire,
The fire made visible, a blur
Interrate, the pervasive ire
Of foxtail and of hoarhound burr.”

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Richard T said...

To add to the sum of useless information in circulation, 'Much in Little' or Multum in Parvo' is the motto of Rutlandshire, England's smallest county.