Monday, September 26, 2011

Christopher Ringwald, R.I.P

An old friend, a former newspaper colleague, apparently took his life this morning in Albany, N.Y. Chris Ringwald was a husband, father of three, author of three books, editor of his diocesan newspaper. We used to talk about John Berryman’s “Eleven Addresses to the Lord”:

“Forsake me not when my wild hours come;
grant me sleep nightly, grace soften my dreams;
achieve in me patience till the thing be done,
a careful view of my achievement come.

“Make me from time to time the gift of the shoulder.
When all hurt nerves whine shut away the whiskey.
Empty my heart toward Thee.
Let me pace without fear the common path of death.”

Go here to see Chris Ringwald's obituary.

1 comment:

T said...

Do you have any thoughts on the why of it? Don't know why we think understanding will ease the pain ...
A good and decent man; funny, caring...
Knew him in D.C. for several years in
the mid-1980's.
My prayers and thoughts are with his wife and children.

please e-mail me @ if you can, or if I can be of any comfort.
It hurts.