Friday, October 30, 2015

`Unclear, Murky, if Not Somewhat Dubious'

Ours is an elegiac age. At The Weekly Standard read Joseph Epstein on “Whatever Happened to High Culture?”:

“Culture comprises connections and interconnections between past and present, and these in turn comprise the future of culture.

“Just now, though, the future of culture seems unclear, murky, if not somewhat dubious. One is hard pressed to think of great names in the realm of contemporary culture.”


Subbuteo said...

Superb essay! Many thanks.

Subbuteo said...

And then the Boston Review drops through the letter box with a review by Jenny Hendrix of Sven Birkerts "Art in a Digital Age" She quotes Birkert as saying "Art is an act of attention, framing a piece of the world through the imagination, imbuing it with meaning." versus the distractions of the digital age. Chimes beautifully with Epstein.