Wednesday, October 12, 2016

`Captivated by Admiration, Even Adoration'

“Those students seem to me most admirable who are captivated by admiration, even adoration—who know what it is to lack and long, quail and emulate—to feel the exultation of being the lesser, bound by love to a greater, the pride of recognizing superiority, the generosity of pure delight in it. You have to be young; with maturity comes a more distant, more mordant view of even of the finest of fellow humans. Yet, if moments of being simply overcome by some magnificence or other have ceased altogether, you’re not so much old as wizened.

“Our students often know more than they know how to say. Life passes, and it’s the other way around.”

[Eva Brann, Doublethink/Doubletalk: Naturalizing Second Thoughts and Twofold Speech, Paul Dry Books, 2016.]  

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