Thursday, October 26, 2017

`Thirteen on Form'

My review of Thirteen on Form: Conversations with Poets, edited by William Baer, is published in the Los Angeles Review of Books


R S Gwynn said...

Enjoyed the review. I was a little surprised by the book; I knew Bill was working on it, but I didn't know it was out.

Sam Gwynn

slr in tx said...


A very fine job. Thank heaven you resisted the "Thirteen Ways of Looking at..." snare (though I expect you were never particularly tempted).

Dick Cornflour said...

Would it be too quarrelsome to note that many care about both the evolution of birdsong and the sound of a nightingale? Or that the structure of a voice box also has a formal beauty? I don't think it's too soft-headed to find poetry there. Instead, my problem with Frederick Turner's comment is its glibness. If he treats the brain's evolution as a gimmick, how can I trust him to talk about poems, or to write one?