Sunday, August 12, 2018

'Making Fine Furniture or Making Fine Books'

Yvor Winters writing to the editor/publisher Harry Duncan in 1950:

“You seem to resent my Airedales especially. Why, in God's name, should you resent my enjoying the company of five of God’s most charming little creatures? Breeding and showing Airedales is a minor art; quite as much so as making fine furniture or making fine books. You may not realize this, but that is doubtless because of your ignorance of animals. I have two dogs on the place who are beautiful to watch in every movement and position and I have two others who are almost as fascinating; and the fifth is not bad. I would rather have these dogs than, say, masterpieces of furniture or silver -- as works of art they are quite as admirable and quite as serious and much more to my taste.”

Note that Winters evaluates and ranks even his beloved Airedales, as though they were beloved poems.  

[The Selected Letters of Yvor Winters, ed. R.L. Barth, Ohio University Press/Swallow Press, 2000.]

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